Last night was the first class in a series of 5 classes aimed at reaching the Master Vibration of our own energetic field and it didn’t disappoint.

The Angelic frequency was the first level of ascension that we used crystals to access. We were asked to consciously self-enquire where we held fear, uncertainty, doubt in our energy field and be willing to release the low vibration to allow the Angelic aspect of our self in… to purify and heal.

Many of us found the crystals brought awareness to aspects of our self that was holding doubt and fear without conscious awareness. Some of us thought we were fear free until the crystals unearthed silent disharmony……

Trust was the order of the evening, to strengthen and fortify our trust in each other, the world, the Universe of life itself.

My realisation during the night, after class, was that I needed to strengthen my trust in the world. That although fear seems to be intensifying, “All is well” in the world and I trust that when I find my inner harmony and you find your inner harmony; a higher order will become established and restore a gentler frequency within the collective energy field for us all to enjoy.
I now realise how important it is for me to do this work and help others, the disharmony is pushing more of us to awaken to the need of a heart based collective.

I was told that during these times there will be a great divide… and there is; but not in a way I could have ever imagined. Those who have been vax’d and those who have not….

I am now working with the crystals to help me accept the world as it is in its full glory and aim to keep my vibration harmoniously in line with my heart, love and truth. I already feel a deeper connection and am so grateful.
Another area that came into awareness for me was to trust that when I speak from my heart “all is well”. I must have had many lives being persecuted for speaking out…. This time it is important for me to stay neutral. Not lost in emotion only truth my truth and that belongs to me. I know what is right for me and honour that you know what is right for you ….When this policy is adopted peace, freedom and harmony is restored.
Amazing shifts and I am so excited for what is to come next on Thursday. Thank you to all you Angels that decided to join me; together we hold space in the Heart-based level of reality…. You are true PEACEFUL warriors and our hearts unite.
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