The Moon and Me

She shadows over the Earth at night
and sometimes is kept out of sight.
Her constant movement rules over the Oceans
and always affects my sensitive emotions.
Her kindness and love shines deep in my heart
but also reveals where I have grown apart
from the wholeness I feel when I stay true;
to feelings of joy in all that I do.

The journey of life is to stay connected,
not allow my emotions to become infected,
and tread the Earth without worry or strife,
to relax into the flow of joy of this life.
So what I have learned is she is always there,
watching and guiding me through her stare.
I am never alone; she is always there,
a beautiful witness with a steady glare.
No I am never alone, she is always there;
watching me, loving me, and ALWAYS with care.

To help me stay connected I used
#Danburite to stay connected to joy
#Chrysocolla to release the worry
#Fluorite to go with the flow
#Aquamarine to release the tension

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