Is it just me or are others experiencing the Spiritual Descent to Earth as well? The Taoist speak of this descent in their teachings.

Feelings of being lost, not having a purpose, anxiety regarding finances, and sheer despair at the state of the world and all the uncertainty. I decided to Journey to my heart and record what I got. It did actually help, hope it helps you too.

Please don’t get me wrong I can feel it is all meant to be happening and it is part of the process but sometimes I just get weak with it all…. Yes I know I am supposed to get weak but hey!!!

Q: What purpose do humans have on earth? I would think that all life forms have a purpose for being here but what is ours?

A: To be a Guardian of the Earth

Q: We appear to be destroying it rather than guarding it. How can I help… or become a guardian of the Earth. I am rubbish at gardening….  what way can I help?

A: The Earth has a bubble of energy surrounding it, (the atmosphere) that is polluted (heavily) in certain areas by internet speeds, mobile phones, radar, satellites, electro- magnetic frequencies and thoughts, yes thoughts affect the atmosphere as well. This energy is moving faster than ever before and is toxic, creating illness in those who cannot stay connected to nature and a heart-based society.

You can help clean this bubble (atmosphere) by purifying your mind, taking time in your daily life to appreciate your surroundings, switch off electrical gadgets when not in use, including all electrical appliances, internet and maintaining an emotional equilibrium.

Q: I seem to be descending deep inside myself and unearthing some dark hidden emotions, anxiety, insecurity and feelings of being lost in the darkness. Is there a bottom to all of this and how can this be helpful?

A: You are never lost you are always here! The darkness has a buoyancy… when you finally release resistance to the sensations you are feeling and the thoughts that are creating the feelings they will pass by. You chose to be a fore -runner in this cleansing process to help others and purify the earth’s atmosphere. Always remember that you and you alone are creating your reality, so when you are free of resistance to emotional debris and have learned how to hold purity of thought …your body will be a clean vessel for your light to shine through and you create heaven on earth.

Q: What if I fail?

A: How many times have you tried to get off this path….without success? Your determination, passion and comitment are aligned to a very high frequency, you have all the help you need. You have already purified immensely and made a huge difference.

Q: This descent bit is really hard I want to see some reward for the work I am doing. Is this wrong?

A: Absolutely not wrong, and you will. You already feel lighter, your relationship with yourself and others has shifted and your reactions to the world are becoming more heart centred. Financially things are about to get easier as you release resistance to the anxiety and insecurity you have with regard to being financially provided for. Underneath you will develop a deep level of trust…. that is the reason for the descent… you will “want” no more.. you will “know” that you will always have everything you need.

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