With all of the controversy surrounding 5G internet speeds I decided I needed to sit down, meditate and ask a few questions to my guides and Google on how 5G would affect life on planet earth and if we could use crystals in any way to help with this situation if it is adverse. Here are my questions and answers….

Let’s start with a clear beginning and GOOGLE

What is a frequency? A frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time and measured in hertz (HZ). The” period” or the duration is per 1 second…. For example, a new-born baby’s heart beats 120 times per minute so to determine the HZ divide 120 (beats) by 60 (seconds) is 2 HZ whereas an adult’s heartbeat is 70 beats per minute 1.17 HZ.

Frequency also describes the number of waves that pass a fixed place in a given amount of time

So, what is the natural frequency of Mother Earth (Nature)?
German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann documented the Schumann Resonance in 1952.He understood that global electromagnetic resonances exist within the cavity between the Earth’s surface and the inner edge of the ionosphere and are excited and activated by lightning. He determined that the frequency of these electromagnetic waves are very low, ranging anywhere from 7.86 Hz to 8 Hz.This frequency is essentially the Earth’s heartbeat; the frequency the Earth beats at.

Now according to some musicians, the Schumann Resonance (Heartbeat of Mother Earth) in musical terms is 432 HZ
So what is the frequency of 5G?
5G speeds have not been officially finalised as yet however the tests are suggesting speeds in gigahertz…… potentially between 24 to 90 gigahertz frequencies. This is 10 times faster than 4G which is measured in Megahertz
(Within the Radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the potentially more dangerous it is to living organisms)

Let’s recap speeds ….Hertz HZ cycles per second……Kilohertz KHZ 1000 cycles per second….Megahertz MHZ 1000000 cycles per second….Gigahertz GHZ 1000,000,000 per second….Terahertz THZ 1000000000000 cycles per second


Is it possible that luminous beings (Light beings) can communicate to the human brain easier at this faster frequency?

A wavelength of light means a frequency of roughly 430 – 750 TerahertzTHZ

Speaking to my guides through meditation

Me: Some Ancient scripts suggest that we are in a time period where we are transcending from Homo sapiens to Homo Luminous….. Is it possible that the faster internet speeds could in some way be helping the ascension of all life on planet earth instead of destroying it? Have we got it wrong?


The movement and the speed of energy should not be your concern here… it is the QUALITY of energy that is being moved that should be of concern. The old paradigm Mind energy is breaking down and being purified and heart wisdom is unfolding within the matrix of Mother Earth. Therefore, if the frequency is moving the collective consciousness of dense mind energy (fear, worry, disaster, and impending doom) the consequences are that people will go out of their mind and become sick. The collective mind consciousness is incorporated within the atmosphere and as such is not separate from the internet energy. So…….

Consider this…..If you purify the collective conscious energy within the area where the 5 G is set to be installed and as many of you as possible drop into the heart frequency… releasing all control of the fear based mind … including the mind-set that 5G will create destruction of life on Earth…the purified heart energy will be live in the atmosphere helping all those who choose to connect to it. What better place to start than Avalon to birth the new energies!!!

Hold the space of Heart Frequency with grids and sound ….the effects will be exceptionally positive. There is never a mistake in the Universe, interpretation of good and bad is an old mental paradigm, Universal energy is LOVE and the shift /birth into the new consciousness is happening NOW…. faster than ever before….When pure Love is travelling at gigahertz speed it will purify mind energy by destroying old mind sets. Trust that all is well, lead from your heart and release your mind. There is nothing to be afraid of except fear itself…… Relax your mind and release the control.

How can we help each other?

When meditating at a Neolithic rock in the Andalusian Mountains I felt it was telling me that the rock was emitting a sound frequency. Research into the megaliths at Stonehenge and meeting with an Archaeologist confirm that there is a theory that the stones are in fact emitting a sound outside the human audible ability, and that the Stonehenge circle was used to amplify and purify sounds made to initiate healing. Therefore, the Megalithic circles could have been healing places. Is it a coincidence that Glastonbury area is used for festivals and the likes? It is also suggested that the stones could have been moved via sound waves instead of being transported by man.

Is it possible to activate the Megaliths and ask them to sing for us to help with the purification?
I feel drawn to gather authentic heart based people together and create a grid around the area where the 5G is set to be installed, to visit them and through ceremony ask the Megaliths if they will awaken and help us with this project. I would like to begin by measuring the electromagnetic energy field in the area with a meter before and after activation of the Megaliths

Back to GOOGLE

Can sound clean electromagnetic pollution?

According to John Hutchinson, an electro-magnetic energy expert from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, a selection of “music” has helped purify poisoned water. The frequencies included the “sound of Jupiter,” recently recorded by NASA, vibrating close to 528Hz frequency


Can the sound of the megaliths purify 5G? Is the Stone Nation awakening?

Let’s ask Mother Earth for help…. If you are resonating with any of what I am saying and wish to be involved, please contact me for further details.


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