The sun and moon are both in constant movement; however the moon phases and energy shifts are much quicker than the movement of the sun. The sun takes 30 days to change its alignment with the stars, therefore energetically speaking any lessons we are learning from the sun take longer to integrate, whereas the moon takes days for movement to effect.

The sun energy generally resides over the mind. It addresses thought patterns, the way we see the world and the way we see our self and others. Therefore the sun addresses PERCEPTION. When we decide to make mental changes to the way we see ourselves or the way we think the process is slower than when we work emotionally releasing. The sun dries up emotion (water). We can change the way we feel by adjusting the way we think.

Messages From Mother Earth Divination Cards Crystals that can help are Sunstone and Fire Agate If your mind energy (perception) is distressed, lethargic, distorted, resisting, demanding, too focussed, unfocussed, restless, confused, unsure, driven,…….. Crystals can bring it all back into alignment.

The Moon

The moon resides over our emotions and inner world. It is constantly changing along with our emotions and we only see the Moon because sunlight reflects back to us from its surface. Therefore, as previously mentioned, the sun influences our emotions through our perception. It is no coincidence, in my opinion that ocean and emotion sound similar. The oceans are so deep that some areas are unexplored by man and this is the same with the inner world. Often we can be carrying deep hurts that are so engrained we do not notice them, they become so familiar they are part of us. When working with crystals they can bring into awareness deep emotional debris for us to feel, experience, acknowledge and release: leaving us feeling happier, healthier and lighter.

Messages From Mother Earth Divination Cards

Crystals that can help are Moonstone and Labradorite If your inner world is too fluid, stressed, painful, blocked, needy, fearful, angry, frustrated, grieving, sad, depressed, addictive, worried…….crystals can help you release and relax into the feeling and allow it to dissolve.


So let’s witness it in action:

Today is the 31 May 2019. The sun is in Gemini and the moon today is in Taurus.

Perception Sun: The Gemini energy is mainly about communication, thinking, being objective and light-hearted. It is a playful, youthful energy but definitely brings up the scholar within you so find the fun in learning. Emotions Moon: The moon is in Taurus today which emotionally may reveal to you where you are going too fast. The bull (Taurus) likes slow and steady so if you feel lethargic, relax into it and enjoy focussing on sun energy of what feeds your scholar interest.

A good website for moon horoscopes is

When you understand the frequencies that are coming from the sun and the moon and how they are affecting you, you are better equipped to relax into the day.

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