This symbol will provide protection for those who are committed to raising the collective consciousness into the 5th Dimension. Just as a reminder here, the 5th dimension is a frequency that is felt within the body and mind to create heaven on Earth. There are many “Star Seeds, cosmic children” here on Earth at this time, they understand this 5th dimensional frequency of pure love, happiness, kindness and gentleness and want to help integrate these frequencies on Earth. However the density of energy that is present can make it a very difficult job to hold the cleaner purer frequencies within the human energy field. I am now going to explain how this symbol can help and how to create a grid to connect to its frequency.

So how can this symbol help?
Cosmic language is mathematics…. symbols offer frequencies that are beyond words. You do need to experience the internal connection to the grid to gain a good understanding of what we speak about.

Square: The square (or rectangle) vibrates to the frequency of 4 which is solid and strong. It provides a boundary to surround and make safe. It will begin to filter the frequencies that are around you and slow down any fast dense energy.

Circle: Circle vibrates to zero which holds the frequency of wholeness. When unproductive dense energies hit the aura they can forge holes into the energy field. Circle will repair the aura and help the recipient feel whole and at peace.

Triangle: Triangle vibrates to the number 3. It harmonises the mind, body and spirit and returns the focus to connect with the highest aspect of self. Wisdom, enlightenment and a heightened focus on heart purpose are received from the triangle.

When all three are united an activated consciously an impenetrable barrier is created.

Benefits of using the grid:

  • Establish and maintain a strong 5th dimension connection to a heart based reality
  • Purification of the aura.           * Insight to life purpose     * Less Stressed
  • A Feeling of wholeness            *Increased energy levels. *Connection to your higher self
  • Inner wisdom                               *Improved sleep                 *Light -hearted dreams    

How to create a grid

11 crystals
Clear quartz if possible or whichever crystals you feel will aid you establishing a firm connection to the 5th dimension of love and purity in everyday reality.
Please remember that if you choose high vibration crystals for the grid, you should balance the energy with the opposite polarity… eg: Apophyllite with black tourmaline…… like for like…we live in a world of duality.
(For more information on this please consider taking a short course)

Place the crystals under the mattress or bed.

  • Cleanse and bless the crystals, connect to your heart.
  • Place 4 Crystals at the corners of the bed to create the square.  
    Points (if they have them) facing inwards

  • Place another 4 crystals in between (Like dot to dot) to create the circle

  • Finally Place 3 crystals to create the triangle


Complete Grid



Activating the Grid

  • Feel the love in your heart and use intention to direct the frequency from your heart into the crystals.
  • Start with the square at any point …. Mentally send love and light to Connect number 1 crystal to 2… 2 to 3….3 to 4 and then 4 back to one. You now have a 2 dimensional shape of a square/rectangle. To make it 3 dimensional, simply use your hands and imagine picking up the energy and raising it into a box around your bed to a height of approx. 3 feet above the bed.
  • Repeat with the circle… connect all 4 crystals in the same way except this time you are creating a circle. Make it 3 dimensional by raising it into a sphere around your bed.
  • Repeat with the triangle… connect all 3 crystals and raise the shape into a pyramid.
  • Bless the space, enter the bed.

This procedure will be really easy once you have done it a few times. Treat the activation like a ceremony and honour the work you are doing.

De Activating the grid

  • When you wake in the morning, deactivate the grid by imagining the energy returning to the same depth under the ground that you raised it above ground.
  • This will ensure that your awareness is grounded during the day and that any purification you did during the night is earthed.

This upgrade of our energy will ensure that when 5G is LIVE we will be able to hold space for others that may struggle with the fast pace of the old mental paradigm.


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