3 years ago, I decided to offer a Crystal Healing retreat in the Mountains of Spain, so Mark and I ventured over to take a look before booking and fell in love with the place, serendipity took over.

We stayed for over 3 years and were gifted so many things; not least the ability for Mark to reconnect with horses and train them and for me to get past my insecurity of them and open my heart more.

We attracted so many situations that took us both forward into a more natural flow of life and a deeper sensitivity towards nature and a heart-based lifestyle.

Whilst meditating last January 2020 I was told that the over-soul of the Earth at this time was a white horse. It reminded me of the Apocalypse and that the “New” oversoul demanded purity, fairness, love, respect and a reconnection to nature. It wasn’t messing around either, it was powerful like the horse and heart-based, things had to change.

As the year progressed I began to recognise how this was actualising in the world, people being forced to stay at home, rest, spend time in nature, get out of the economic world and into the natural world. Fears were being brought up by mind induced thought patterns that take people away from the present, the stillness of the real world and the natural peace that is found within nature.

Mark and I decided to return to the UK and again serendipity took over, we were led high into the mountains to find the most beautiful gentle horse and decided to make plans to bring him back to the UK. During meditation, I was told that the horse would have a white mark on his head, and I would become telepathic with the horse…. I have to admit I was… I am… not sure this will happen, but we will see. Oh, and yes, he has a white mark on his forehead !!!!

I created a crystal grid to hold space for him during his 5 days travel home and started to feel him in my energy field. I could feel when he was tired of travelling and so added hematite to the grid to earth his field and revitalise him. I could feel when he was travelling and when he was resting …. And I felt I shared awareness with him for the whole journey.
He arrived Sunday and has been resting and pampered for the last few days.

Everyone in the stables adores him, they can feel how gentle he is …… A new chapter has begun, let’s see what happens…

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