I am not proud to say that I had become jealous and possessive with my partner and I desperately wanted to reclaim my power. The jealousy was nigh on constant, when he was not with me I would run scenarios of what he was doing and it rendered me powerless to a feeling that was creating a version of me that I didn’t like or want to display to anyone. I asked Jackie for help; this was the first step in healing as I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I was feeling this way.

She recommended Rhodochrosite, she said that this crystal helps with relationships, self-worth and layers the feelings within you until you surrender into whatever fear is creating the illusion of the jealousy.

Immediately I understood what she was saying, it is an illusion, it is my mind creating possible outcomes of reality based on a deep feeling of insecurity. Straight away I began to feel that I could conquer this, even though I didn’t know how or what to do, I just had to trust that the crystal would awaken the insight within me and help me release this deep-seated insecure demon that had started to control me.

I had always been insecure and needed reassurance that I was “good enough”. Time to release these feelings and get rhodochrosite to help me re-empower myself.

The first layer that I encountered within me was the thought pattern that I wasn’t good enough, that I had little self-worth and needed to look at all the attributes of myself that I admired. I realised that this would ease the co-dependant need for approval and for needing someone in my life. I decided to make a pledge to myself that I was willing to release this insecure feeling and focus fully on me. Every time my mind wandered to my partner I would halt my thoughts and affirm that I needed a new relationship with myself to become self-empowered. If the images that had been playing in my mind came true I was strong enough to deal with it and would survive.

After just a few days I found myself feeling stronger, having less and less thoughts of my partner and had more awareness on myself and what I wanted.

I took the rhodochrosite to bed with me and asked it to help me understand how to become sure of myself and had the worst night’s sleep ever. My mind would just not settle, I was thinking random thoughts that were creating a restlessness within me that kept me from sleeping. Hours went by and my mind was so active I realised that I was not in control of it, I felt the rhodochrosite was telling me that I had to take even more control of my mind. I thought I had done but it appeared my subconscious mind was also busy sabotaging me. How deep did this go? Then I realised it ran through the family.

I carried the crystal with me day and night, eventually over the next few days I became much more relaxed, my relationship with my partner was less intense and I began to admire how he interacted with his colleagues. This amazed me as previously I would have been jealous but now I was admiring him which in turn created a more loving feeling within me.
My main focus now is on me and my needs, I realise that I cannot guarantee my partner wont stray but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for me now. I feel that I have let go of the drama, and realised that what I needed to regain empowerment was to discipline my mind. I was creating the feeling of jealousy within me and he had actually done nothing wrong. The change in attitude toward my relationship is definitely soothing my soul and easing a painful kidney condition I have.

Now I know that when Jackie says physical conditions energetically start within thought patterns that create feelings which get lodged within us she is telling the truth. My kidney condition is on the mend I am sure this is not a coincidence. Thank you to the crystal kingdom for bringing my attention to the insights and changing my internal world. I can definitely recommend rhodochrosite.

I would prefer to remain anonymous Jackie if that’s ok but please share as it may help others.
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