Magical Moments at our Glastonbury Retreat.

This was our second retreat in Glastonbury, and it was more magical than ever. After our first visit I spontaneously struck up a conversation with one of our lovely students, Sheila and mentioned that I would like to do a sky clad (nude) dip in the Glastonbury Spring. Now, you may be asking yourself why, I know I was… ;)

The water is ice cold, and the experience could have been very intimidating. However, not to be deterred we decided to give it a go, so Sheila and I made a pact to return this year and brave the experience. Word got out and we were joined by 14 other ladies who said they wanted to experience it with us.

The weekend began with Shamanic Ceremony and an intention was set to push past our limiting belief systems Each morning we balanced our chakras with crystals, bathed in sound and released what we could, to be ready for the big event on Sunday.

The energy within the group soon started to rise and we became a close sisterhood, supporting each other and sharing love., laughter and good times Each sister bringing forward her own unique vibration, weaving its magic into the beauty of the group. Synchronicities were shared, hugs were experienced, and a sense of excitement developed as we walked to the spring.

The act of removing clothes is representative of shedding your identity, so you go to the goddess as you were born, with no identity, just a trust in your mother that she will provide for you, nurture, and care for you. It was so beautiful, not intimidating in the slightest.

You must release all attachments, mental and emotional and become a child again waiting to be re-birthed after the emersion into the ice-cold springs. The setting is beautiful, candlelight filled the rooms, altars were set to the Goddess and the sound of running water from the well into the cave like venue all added to the magic.

Now I am not going to sugar coat this when it was time for me to lead everyone into the water in silence, my head asked, “what the heck are you doing?!!”  but my spirit knew it was absolutely the correct thing to be doing….so….  no mind activated…deep inhalation…. and in I go. Partially sky clad, was enough for this time.

Ohhh, my goodness, they did not exaggerate, the water was ice cold, but nevertheless one by one the ladies joined me. I felt truly loved and supported by each one of them as we all celebrated our goddess ness together.

My feet became numb, almost as though the life was being taken out of them, then my legs, went numb, torso and head under … the old life left me….

When I came back up to the surface a sharp intake of breath was an experience that must be akin to being born… and then we invited all aspects of the Goddess to replace what had left us….

The feeling was totally euphoric, jubilant singing, dancing, applause made the room fill with light and each of us was so proud and grateful that we had in fact made the experience and taken the rebirth together. There was no quick exit from the spring as I had expected because a warm glow started to surface within us…. I will never forget this incredible experience and will always remember the bravery, unification, support, love, union of hearts received as a group but also individually in that time and moment.

Here are some pictures of our time together…

The next retreat is 19- 22 May 2023 and we will repeat this exhilarating, rejuvenating rebirth if you feel it is for you.

Jackie Winters FM BACH

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