Introducing Lola
Lola is approximately 14 years old; she is about 15 hands high and is speckled grey in colour. She lives in a horse Sanctuary along with other rescue horses and has a very special bond with her friend Alysha, a chestnut part Arabian horse. She appears to be the lead mare in the pen she inhabits and is in reasonable physical health. We chose Lola as a case study for crystal massage and liberty training because of her resistance to being caught. It is quite difficult to know exactly why she avoids being caught but it makes human interaction and care quite challenging. We do not know Lola’s past but when caught she reacts intensely at the sight of a whip so we assume she may have had trauma with previous trainers.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Therapy is a holistic treatment whereby piezo and pyro electrons resonate inside the crystals to emit a gentle stimulus directly into the neurological system (nervous system). Lola’s condition appears to be mainly psychological which is directly linked to the neurological system therefore we feel Crystal therapy will be a good choice of holistic treatment to help her condition.

Liberty Training
Liberty Training is a method of horse training that uses positive reinforcements to create a bond between trainer and horse. It affords the horse freedom to move away from the training session if it feels threatened or anxious at any point. This method of training avoids putting pressure on the horse and has been found to be a much gentler way of training than some old school methods. Lola appears to have been trained using negative reinforcements so the aim of the training is to improve her psychological wellbeing and establish a good bond between trainer and horse.

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