Moods and Foods … Crystal Complimentary


Presented by Kristin Richardson and Jackie Winters

Workshop Details: Moods and Foods: How crystals and foods can adjust how you feel

Length of workshop: 2 Hours

When & Where: Friday 12th November 2021 on zoom (link sent upon registration)

Time:– 7.00pm – 9.00pm UK

Cost of the workshop: £33

Aim of the Workshop: To offer nutritional advice and crystals choices to support the body in finding wellbeing and a natural PH balance



Kristin Richardson is an incredible Naturopath & Nutritionist. She has gained an excellent reputation by sharing her wisdom and knowledge via social media, website and her on line book, offering recipes, interviews with renowned colleagues to help people nurture themselves with food, yoga and nature to find an inner balanced PH level and lifestyle.

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Kristin will introduce:

  1. Water: as nature's medicine No 1
  2. Food appreciation
  3. Foods that aid digestion
  4. Identifying foods that bring us down and create emotional disturbance via the Gut-Brain connection
  5. Address food cravings and how to satisfy them
  6. Introducing foods which lift our moods
  7. Simple way to address sluggish constitution


Jackie will introduce Crystals to you that can be used to aid:

  1. Water purification,
  2. Food Blessings
  3. to improve digestion
  4. to purify bad bacteria in the gut
  5. Addiction to food
  6. Emotional dependency
  7. Sluggish constitution

Jackie Winters FM BACH

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