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Crystals for Wellness Online Drop in classes … Siobhan


Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation with Live Harp.

DATE 13 August 2022 & 10 September or purchase the video

TIME: 10 – 11 AM


Siobhan is a freelance harpist and sound practitioner,

yoga teacher and crystal therapist.




Allow yourself to be bathed in sonic waves from the pure and the potent frequencies

vibrations from alchemy crystal singing bowls. These divine crystal singing bowls purify, transmute, transform energy within bringing in stillness, peace, harmony and joy as well as a connection to our own pure inner frequency.

This Saturday we will focus on the stunning vibrations of Ruby, Smokey Quartz, Moldavite and Apophyllite. Plus more…

Meet the Alchemies Crystals

Character of


Functioning as a light magnet of the Matrix, the Apophyllite bowl creates electromagnetic frequencies that activate the awareness of the natural circuitry we are living in. The lustrous tones of this alchemy bowl bathe you in frequencies of liquid light, leaving you with crystal clear vision to see through the shadows and illusions that surround us. This bowls triangular sacred geometric structure represents the Godhead, uplifting the body, mind and spirit. Apophyllite dispels discouragement, and casts light on all things, thereby providing a clear road map, to the next step needed in order to release and manifest your divinity on this planet in its highest, lightest full-frequency form.


Soul Star

Extraordinarily beautiful Moldavite dark green tektite meteor stones meld with pure quartz crystal for an extraordinary journey. This divine fusion creates healing portals to higher consciousness. Moldavite links the stardust knowing of the crown chakra with the wisdom of the heart, activating all chakras at higher inter-dimensional frequencies to assist in reaching life potential...a true crystalline bridge to the stars.



An outstanding quartz crystal tool of loving protection with a powerful vibration of mystical ruby, a 'stone of nobility', radiating spiritual wisdom, health, transformation and wealth. The Ruby Bowl sounds a lavish red spectrum that 'lights' interior planes of Self.  Ruby crystal carries an enduring, perfectly brilliant diamond frequency that we crave in relationships, enhancing soul-love connection, Tantric practice and unifying root and crown chakra energies.

Smokey Quartz

Earth Connection

The Smoky Quartz Bowl promotes positive mental and spiritual thinking and the art of staying grounded and balanced. This bowl works the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras for creativity and planting one’s roots in the rich soil of the Earth. Serene Smokey Quartz energies encourage centredness, joy, cooperation and clarity and are a Golden Brown Rainbow of Earth Tones for the coming of the Crystal People to planet Earth, according to Hopi prophecy.

Lapis - Speaking One's Truth

The stone of truth, integrity and prosperity, Lapis enhances wisdom, inner vision and mental clarity. It encourages feelings of serenity and loving acceptance of self.  Lapis helps us exhibit our inner power while purifying the spirit and our thoughts. Lapis is supportive in our interactions with our spirit guardians.