Crystals For Wellness Course (Certified by BACH) … Amanda Swartz


Name of Course: Crystals For Wellness Course (Certified by BACH)

Tutor: Amanda Swartz  Dip BACH DONCASTER


January 8/15/22/29/2022

February 5/12/2022


Time: 10.30am  till 12.00pm

Cost of the course £96

Where: Village Hall. Via Valetta gardens   Hatfield Woodhouse Doncaster. DN7 6FR

Entry Level: This course is designed for beginners through to those with some energy awareness who want to learn basic techniques on how to use crystals effectively.



Course Details: The course will have a Shamanic influence and a workbook will be issued to each student as a guide to follow the weekly practical sessions and observe the effects and personal growth of the student through the 6 weeks.

You will be amazed at the transformation and how quickly crystals can help you feel the benefits of “light medicine”. Releasing old thought patterns and emotional trauma to feel lighter, happier, and more joyful are the rewards for the diligent student

WEEK 1: Energy Medicine How to boost your energy with Crystals. Understanding how it all works and performing a simple but effective technique to calm, centre and realign your energy field

WEEK 2: Cleansing and Caring for your Crystals .. Care is important when working with energy medicine. Perform a head massage and facial to witness the mind become soothed and at peace.

WEEK 3: Intention & Attention …. Understanding the voice of the Universe to embrace your empowerment. Using Crystals to become more mindful

WEEK 4: Yin and Yang (Male and Female) … finding balance and what it means to you. Connecting to your auric field and becoming aware of the Pranic field

WEEK 5: Embracing the Shadow… Love without conditions: how to use crystals to drop through fears, insecurities, doubt and illusions to open the heart and feel the purity of love.

WEEK 6: Chakras …… Where are they? Why they move… they interact with each other, how they affect us and how to use crystals to balance and clean them… A unique look at the chakras and a wonderful layout to bring total peace, full awareness and harmony.

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