Crystals for Wellness 6 week course (BACH) … Jackie Winters (Single session)


Name of Course: Crystals For Wellness Course : A Journey through the Chakras (Certified by BACH)

Time: 10pm – 11.30 am

Cost of single session £12.50

Where: On-Line Zoom

Entry Level: This course is designed for beginners through to those with some energy awareness who want to learn basic techniques on how to use crystals effectively.


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Course Details: A workbook will be issued to each student as a guide to follow the weekly practical sessions and observe the effects and personal growth of the student through the 6 weeks.

You will be amazed at the transformation and how quickly crystals can help you feel the benefits of “light medicine”. Releasing old thought patterns and emotional trauma to feel lighter, happier, and more joyful are the rewards for the diligent student

Content. The course will take you on an energetic journey through the chakras. Each week you will learn more about yourself and the subliminal world of energy that affects our everyday reality

WEEK 1: Chakra Alignment

WEEK 2: Complimentary Colours

WEEK 3: Heart and Base (Red & Green)

WEEK 4: Sacral and Throat (Orange and Blue)

WEEK 5: Solar and Third Eye (Yellow and Purple)

WEEK 6: Crown and Earth (White and Black)

Course Crystals : Red Jasper, Jade Citrine, Blue calcite Pyrite & lepidolite Selenite & Hematite

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