Crystal Shaman Sorcery Course


Course details: A light-hearted fun way to spend an evening, learning basic information, meditating, singing, chanting and sharing space with like-minded people. 

Welcome to our loving community.

Length of course:

6-week 1.30-hour classes on Tuesday evenings.


26 October 2021

2,9,16, 30 November 2021 (no class 23 November)

7 December 2021

Time: 7.00pm-8.30pm UK time



Aim of the course: To raise our vibration to become relaxed, happy and contented.

A shaman is a person who is deeply connected to the land and the elements.

This course combines Paganism, Shamanism and Crystals to offer you a deeper insight into the world of energy and how it was used by our Ancestors to live more in harmony with our self and Mother Earth.

Included within the Course: Meditation, singing, chanting, crystals and learning through experience.

* MOON MAGIC: The feminine energy of the moon has much to offer, learn about the phases, the goddesses, and the potential to help you ride the monthly emotional waves.

*WISHES AND SPELLS: Joining with the elements to make your wishes and dreams come true but be careful what you wish for! Incorporating intention, attention and the greater good

* CARDS AND RUNES: Becoming the Oracle, using divination cards and runes to “SEE”

* INCANTATIONS: The power of chanting the Enochian Angelic Script, affirmations, and focus.

* HERBS AND CRYSTALS: basic information on how herbs compliment crystals.

*CRYSTAL WANDS: Make a crystal wand and learn how to use it …

The results of the course will leave the students more conscious of who they are and heighten their awareness of the energy world.

Jackie Winters FM BACH

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