Crystal Shaman online Zoom course


Course details:

Length of course:

6 week 1.30 hour classes on Tuesday evenings


27 July 2021

3 & 10  August 2021

no class 17 August 2021

24 & 31 August 2021

7 September 2021

Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm UK time

Entry Level:
Beginners to advanced will benefit

Cost of Course: £72



Aim of the course

Using the basic principles of shamanism our aim is to help the students develop an understanding of the shamanic ways. By experiencing the language of crystal’s the students will gain a deeper connection to their own internal world. Learning new techniques, enhancing their intuition will lead to empowering and building confidence in working with crystals.

Included within the Course:

* Crystals chosen from Messages From Mother Earth Divination Cards v2 to correspond with the weekly activities. Students will receive a welcome complimentary pack of cards and the opportunity to purchase the syllabus crystals if so desired upon enrolling on the course

*Direction on how to connect to the cycle of life denoted within the Medicine Wheel. Find which direction you are currently in and call on the Wise ones to find inner guidance and help

* Communicate with the Animal Kingdom, connect to your totem animal and invite into your daily life. What is it teaching you/ how can it help you.?

* Weekly guided meditation and drumming sessions to connect to the Ancestors who have walked before us.

* Tribe Council, to create a community that can speak and listen from their heart to become pro-active in this New Era.

*Scrying, learn the art of silent communication, a deep connection to your own inner world

The results of the course will leave the students more conscious of who they are and heighten their awareness of the energy world.

Jackie Winters FM BACH

BACH Leading the way in vibrational medicine in the UK and Europe

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