9 – 11 September 2019 … Holistic Horse Experience … Spain


Mojacar in the Andalusian Mountains.

ALL WELCOME; Horse owners and Horse lovers. You do not need to own a horse to enjoy this wonderful opportunity of spending quality time with horses.






Holistic Horse Experience


Crystal healing with horsesDETAILS:

Title: Holistic Horse Experience: Meditation, Massage, Herbal Remedies, Yoga, Crystals, Acupressure Points and Much More

Entry Level: ALL WELCOME; Horse owners and Horse lovers. You do not need to own a horse to enjoy this wonderful opportunity of spending quality time with horses.

Tuition Days:     9 – 11 September 2019 inclusive

8 – 10 October 2019 inclusive

Venue:                       Mojacar in the Andalusian Mountains Spain

Price:                        3 days Tuition £300 Description:

Three day Holistic Horse experience is open to everyone who loves horses. You do not have to own or ride a horse, you just have to appreciate these amazing animals to gain benefit from this program. Arrive a day early in the beautiful Andalusia region of Spain and take time to unwind and relax into the picture perfect scenery of mountains, sun and sea. Transport will be provided daily for the three day experience to take you into the mountains or the learning centre to meditate, connect, massage and spend time with these incredible horses. Professionals are on hand to guide you to get to know yourself on a holistic level, balance your emotions, soothe your mind and learn how to utilise the information and experience in your everyday life. Horse owners will be offered advice on how to care for horses in a holistic manner and possibly reduce vet bills.

Enjoy the balmy evenings taking a stroll along the Mediterranean coastline under the starlit sky.

Recommendations for Affordable nice Accommodation: Mojacar has 2 beautiful parts to it, Mojacar Pueblo which is very Spanish and Mojacar Playa which is the beach area with fabulous beach bars and plenty of restaurants. Local public transport is limited so we will collect you and take you into the mountains plus we can recommend airport transfers for you.


Pierre et Vacances Mojacar Playa

https://www.pierreetvacances.com/gb-en/fp_EYL_self-catering-residence-mojacar-playa?currency=GBP Hotel Best Pueblo Indalo…. Booking.com and Jet 2 offer great value for money

 Not Included in the Price: Flights, (Closest airport Almeria, then Murcia) Transport to and from the airport , and accommodation.


 Daily Schedule will include:

A happy horseHealth and safety. Please bring suitable footwear, and clothing. NB There is no riding included in the course but sessions can possibly be arranged independently if required.

  • Morning meditation and group discussions
  • Herbal remedies for common ailments including Contra Indications
  • Yoga, movement classes on the beach
  • Horse massage with crystals and guidance as to usage
  • Acupressure points locations for common ailments
  • Pamper sessions (massage, reflexology, Ayurveda Palmistry, crystal healing sessions) are available at a nominal fee.


Morning Yoga If you are an early riser and want to join Yoga classes on the beach, connecting to the sea, sand and inner world is just magical.


Holistic horse retreats availableMeditate with the horses

Create a special heart connection with the horses. A beautiful bond that is precious and pure.


FULL PAYMENTS must be made no later than 5th September 2019

PAYMENTS WITH DEPOSITS first payment must be made no later than 5th August 2019

Payment Plan Retreat 8 – 12 September 2019 Paid in 3 installments over 2 month. PLEASE NOTE: With a Payment Plan your first payment must be no later than 5th July 2019

Whatever date you book your deposit, an email reminder with a payment link will follow 1 month later.

The deposit is none refundable.

For any other information please use the contact form at the top.

Thank you

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