31 Oct – 5 Nov 2019 Retreat Spain … “STONE NATION IS CALLING”


5 Nights Mountain Retreat in Spain

Name of Retreat:  “Stone Nation Earth Healing”

Date: 31 October – 5 November 2019

Entry Level: Heart centred people who hear the call of Mother Earth.

Duration: – 5 nights

Venue: Secluded organic retreat in the Andalusian Mountains Spain




Earth Healers to UNITE at the Megalithic Sacred Rock


31 October 2019 – 5 November 2019

This retreat is for light workers, gridders, earth healers and heart centred individuals who can hear the call of Mother Earth

Is Stone Nation calling you through the crystalline matrix of Mother Earth to join us?

This 5-day experience will take you on a sacred journey into yours’ and the Earths’ heart centre. 

Embody the purer, gentler frequencies of Mother Earth. Find peace, balance, love, joy, truth and reconnect to the wisdom of our ancestors.

Attune yourself with the higher aspects of your being and realign your rhythms to integrate this new consciousness that the Earth is emitting



Heart wisdom will gently lead you to realise that we are here to be of service to Mother Earth. To become a vibrational channel of the healing frequencies love, joy, wisdom, truth, balance and peace that is naturally found within her matrix…….to shine our internal light out into the world and make it “live” in the atmosphere…. available to all forms of life on this beautiful planet.

Together we unite and become her disciples, a conduit for these pure frequencies. We will offer our blessings, gratitude and healing for the greater good, nurturing the collective consciousness. 

The drums beat, Stone Nation calls out ……to Daughters, Sons and guardians of the land…

Do you feel this CALL in your heart?

Do you want to unite with us to become a Mother Earth Healer and disciple?

Do you feel there is a need to realign with Ancestral wisdom?

Do you feel that the Earth is sacred?

If YES then do not hesitate… follow your heart and come, join us on this Sacred journey into the mountains. It will spiral you into the centre of your universal being and soul.

Your journey will include

Vedic Palmistry,

Crystal Therapy; including sacred geometry, gridding and specific layouts

Channelling from the crystalline Matrix

Journeying to the Sacred Megalithic Spiral Rock 

Yogic Dance: realigning of your physical, emotional and energetic flow, rhythm and chi.

Dance of the Tao Mindful free flow movement meditation

Ceremony and Sound healing

Medicine walks

Mudras and Chanting

Total cost per person £650 (pounds) all prices include accommodation, food (which is an organic vegetarian diet) and all tuition and classes.

Not included in the price flights, or transfers.

Private one to one sessions are available in Crystal Attunement, Soul Massage and Vedic palmistry

At a nominal cost and need to be pre booked



FULL PAYMENTS must be made no later than 25th October 2019

PAYMENTS WITH DEPOSITS first payment must be made no later than 25th September 2019

Payment Plan Retreat 31 Oct – 5 Nov 2019 Paid in 3 installments over 2 month. PLEASE NOTE: With a Payment Plan your first payment must be no later than 25th August 2019

Whatever date you book your deposit, an email reminder with a payment link will follow 1 month later.

The deposit is none refundable.

For any other information please use the contact form at the top.

Thank you

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