Today I went to the #pyramid and asked what I should #channel and share with you guys. I am gonna be honest with you I am a little apprehensive in sharing this video with you as many people will not understand why I am saying what I am saying,
There are some strong opinions around at present, creating strong reactions and a lot of magnetic energy….. all I want you to do is consider what I am saying.

I am not right or wrong I am just offering this information to see if it resonates within you …. Nature has so much to teach us…. Acceptance of what is and being impartial creates an internal balance and harmony that resonates out into the collective.
See what you think and if it serves your highest good? Does this way help you reach the higher vibrations? Can you become a peaceful warrior and hold space for others?
When we surrender into what is and trust that Mother Earth knows the way, we are just here for the ride…… we find the magic….. everything you need just comes to you because you are not repelling the natural flow of life. You become the magnet and draw to you everything you need.
The laws of attraction are at work right now in this very moment… what are you feeling right now? What are you drawing towards your reality…..?

Ask yourself. Are words impacting on our internal wellbeing? Do “good words” damage as much as “bad words” because they create expectation and open us up to disappointment ….? Impartiality means riding the wave of what is ……..losing the labels of life and finding inner harmony, peace, acceptance and watching as joy surfaces within… Consider that when you finally accept what is and stop fighting life …….what happens?

Within the relaxed, impartial mind you can vision your reality into being …
If you struggle relaxing your mind below is a link to an obsidian meditation that will take you into the void. The meditation will take you to a deep level of awareness and leave you to experience silence, the void, the point of pure awareness, it feels like bliss, #mentalfreedom
And from that point, you can create, become the visionary of the world you want to live in …
Take back your power and ask yourself what feels right…. what resonates within you as to what is true…
Is Energy medicine… the way to a more peaceful, purer, higher state of living ….. ? You decide xx

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