The date was the 1st August 2019, Lamas… a time of the year that represents the start of harvest. We eagerly made our journey up to “Long Meg and her daughters” sacred stone circle in Cumbria. A few prayers were sent to ask that the weather would hold for us to perform a sacred ceremony and apply the Earth activation. It was like something out of a Harry Potter film, the weather actually felt like it knew what we were about to do!! Although the clouds were overhead only light rain fell initially until we made our pledge and performed the activation…. Then suddenly the sun shone brilliantly in the sky acknowledging the work we had done. Strange to say the least…. but we were all so in tune with nature, nature spoke back to us !!!!!!


Folklore states that the Neolithic stone “Long Meg” is named after a local witch and the surrounding stones are her coven …also referred to as her daughters. They were all turned to stone and now sit as sentinels overlooking the land. It is said that if you count the same number of stones in the circle twice you release the spell that petrified the witches. Needless to say, quite a few of us had a go but no witches appeared, well except for the ones that had journeyed with us to be there haha

Neolithic markings

We gathered in front of Long Meg, and with an open heart, asked permission to enter the circle and perform the blessing to the land. We each placed a hand on the Neolithic spiral markings to connect to the spirit of the stone and my goodness it was powerful. Everyone said that they felt a deep inner connection to their ancestors and to the guardians of the land. The experience had some of us in tears as we realised the gift of life and the need to look after this beautiful planet we are privileged to live on. It was as if, somehow, we had managed, through this sacred place, to connect with the soul of Mother Earth and speak to her. Magical… just pure magical and very powerful. I sensed that we were all there, (children from the age of 6 to adults in their 70s) to become empowered. The lesson and gift we were about to receive in return for the work we were doing was empowerment. I sensed the frequency of the rock was a key to unlock the first stage of empowerment in us all. Many people are afraid of their own power, mainly due to belief systems that have been deeply engrained over many generations.

I was told that there are several internal “gates” to go through to becoming fully empowered and being part of an Earth activation would not only empower love into the planet but also into your own internal psyche and neurological system.

Many of us felt a headache from the circle as time went on but we knew we were being re programmed to unite with the pure consciousness of nature… What a gift!!!


Guidance unfolded as the day progressed:

Now that the energy frequency travelling around the world has been increased to 5G it is essential that we enter into the 5th dimensional world and become translucent.

So, what does that actually mean?

  • Lose resistance to anything that is happening in your life
  • View yourself and others through your heart
  • Know that everyone is being and doing the very best that they can.
  • Take responsibility to speak, act and listen from your heart.
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Honour yourself and stay connected to nature
  • Release expectations of yourself, others and life
  • Become fully present in the NOW
  • Be willing to let the past go and forgive easily
  • Become transparent, be open, but discerning regarding your life choices.

When you adhere to this guidance you will unearth a knowing within you. You will trust more, relax more and flow with life.

The blessing

Crystals were placed in a spiral and the energy was raised to create a vortex. The vortex was sent out into the world and we all united by visualising it surrounding the whole of the Earth Next, we took the vortex deep down into the planetary matrix, all the way through to her core where the love could nurture and feed all forms of life that exist upon and within her. We connected to our lineage, ancestors that have gone before us and spirits that are waiting to come through and pledged our commitment to being in service to this world. The experience was incredible. The wind began to blow away the clouds and the sun shone brightly over us… such a magical thing to witness.

The Effect

Its early days yet but …Wow, the experience was so powerful. I don’t know what I expected, but what I noticed immediately was that my attitude towards life had changed. I had a mild headache, but I knew it was the pathways of the neurons in my brain were changing direction… helping me to become attuned to Mother Earth. The following day I was offered the opportunity to become a landowner ….which was well outside of my previous thought patterns but one that was very synchronistic with the events that had just occurred.


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