I was told that I needed invasive surgery, that I had to sign a disclaimer to say that I understood that I might die. I was reassured that it was ok to sign, and most people did not die but I was beyond scared.
My inner voice was screaming at me not to sign, my body was saying there is another way. I had to decide there and then to say NO….. so I did…
I think it has to have been one of the most fearful things I have ever done.. I was told that I was wrong, that I needed to have surgery, but I decided to follow my inner voice. Having meditated regularly for years I now had to trust it to another level. And so, I left the hospital with so many feelings, fear being the primary one cursing through my veins like a high-speed train. My mind began creating horror stories and I was re infecting myself the more I thought about what I had done.
I went home and picked up Smokey quartz, held it in my hand and began to feel a reassurance that I had in fact done the right thing. I couldn’t let go of this crystal it was like a salve on my terrified mind and it became my best friend.
Friends and family didn’t always understand my decision, but I knew inside I could heal the problem without surgery and so began another healing journey with crystals.
I carried the smoky quartz everywhere with me … placed it under my pillow at night and eventually I lost the fear and fell into anger, for which I called on garnet to help me purify.
This all happened in 2012 and here in 2021 I use the knowledge and expertise that I gained during my healing journey to educate others on where to place crystals, how to listen to the body and how to connect to the quantum field and perform healing without actually being in the same room.
If you feel drawn to learning about crystals or would like to have an on-line consultation please get in touch we would love to help you:

Jackie Winters FM BACH

BACH Leading the way in vibrational medicine in the UK and Europe

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