Crystals unearth feelings and thoughts that are caught within our body… these feelings can be from recent events to stuff that our ancestors never managed to deal with and so have been passed on down the line within our genes, often without us fully acknowledging their presence. We now live in a time zone where awareness has expanded enough for us to “see” that thought patterns create emotional turmoil which in turn creates stress that we carry in the physical body. Dis Ease… not being at ease with life, yourself, environment, media, situations……The opposite of dis ease is being AT EASE..
Therefore, the vibrations of Cancers, tumours, heart disease, anxiety, depression (to name but a few) can be brought to the surface… into our conscious awareness…. so that we can fully feel the vibration, identify it as just a feeling that is locked within the body due to an incorrect thought pattern (a mental story) we can begin to release it, become AT EASE and restore harmony within the mind, the body and the emotions. This can sometimes mean being at ease with being uncomfortable… in pain… feelings that we don’t like…..learning how to allow them to BE in the body is something we address on the courses and in consultations to help you find the inner harmony, mental and emotional peace that is underneath the disharmony.

Can we do this independently without crystals? YES …. However, crystals have the ability to help us release emotions, mind sets and then integrate new ones that will better serve you and the collective consciousness that streams around the planet

It is said that during this time there will be a mass cleansing that will purify the planet and hold a vibration for a NEW Earth to sustain life in the 5th Dimension…. So, if you feel like a peace Warrior and would like to join us on our next Diploma please follow the link ….

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