FHT Accredited Therapist Courses

FHT Therapist Diploma in Crystal Healing

NEXT INTAKE: 4th January 2021


Performing Crystal healing

To gain the Therapist Diploma the learner will be required to collect 24 units in total. The units will be delivered in 4 parts and require written assessments, identification of 44 syllabus crystals and collect several case studies.

The completed Course will be submitted electronically to an external verifier for accreditation. Each of the live tutor interactive sessions will aim to be delivered weekly and will include theory and practical work via zoom or skype.

All details will be emailed to the student prior to the session. BACH reserve the right to change sessions should the need be required, and students will be notified accordingly.

NB A group session requires a minimum of 4 people.


NEW INTAKE PART ONE 4 January 2021

4,11,18,25 January 2021… 1 & 8 February 2021

UK time

Part 1 – Communication via Sensation: 6 x 3 hour live Tutor interactive video sessions.

Cost per person: £200 in a group session (min 4 in a group)

The first 6 units are aimed at gaining a good level of communication with the crystals kingdom and will cover Vibrational Medicine; Energy flows through the body; Choosing Crystals; Attitude and how it impacts on well-being; Cleansing Techniques; Attunement; Terminology, Chakras, Layouts; The Natural Healing Process.

1 Week Break


22 February 2021 … 1.8,15 22 & 29 March 2021

UK time

Part 2- Shamanic Principles: 6 x 3hour live Tutor interactive video sessions Cost per person: £200 in a group session (min 4 in a group)

Units 7 -12 inclusive are aimed at developing your inner shaman and explain how to hold space and maintain the higher vibrations. We cover The Auric field; Becoming the Shaman; Absent Healing; Crystal Massage, Earth Healing; Connecting to the Crystalline Matrix; Dowsing with a Pendulum, Using Crystals for Dream Work, Gem Elixirs; Living with Crystals.

1 Week Break


12, 19, 26 April 2021  (3 may no class bank holiday) 10,17 & 24 May 2021

UK time

Part 3- Finding your Purpose: 6 x 3hour Tutor interactive video sessions Cost per person: £200 in a group session (min 4 in a group)

Units 13 -18 incl. incorporate an in-depth look at finding your passion and purpose in life and marrying crystals into your world. We cover; How to Create the perfect Healing Session, Advanced Chakras, Basic Geology, Spiritual Laws, Advanced layouts and Mandalas, Subtle Anatomy, the blueprint, Crystal Grids, and Sacred Geometry


14, 21, 28  June 2021………. 5,12,19 July 2021

UK time

Part 4 – BEING “in Service”: 6 x 3hour live Tutor interactive video session Cost per person: £200 in a group session (min 4 in a group)

Units 19 – 24 Empowers you to go out into the world and BE. Feel confident in your “being” and offer a service to Mother Earth in your chosen field. We will cover; working with symbols, shamanic principles, Meditation, subtle anatomy, working with wands, Regression, Code of Ethics, Scientific Perspective Plus much more

The student will also be required to complete 10 case studies with repetition. Upon successful completion of the 4 parts and case studies, the student will be qualified to receive clients and register as a Crystal Therapist recording Dip BACH after their name.

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