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Beauty with Crystals:

Crystal Massage and Natural Light Therapy


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Massage and Facials


Length of Course

3 x 2.30 hours classes on Wednesday Evening


31st August 2022

7th 14th Sept 2022

COST:  £150

To include, registration, workbook, live tutor led sessions and verification costs.

Time 6.30pm-9.00pm

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    Entry level

    The pre-requisite for this course is that the student should be fully qualified to practise Massage, Beauty, Crystal Therapy or be a practising Reiki Therapist.

    Aim of Course

    To gain the Beauty with Crystals FHT Accredited short course the learner will be required to complete 5 units and complete 4 case studies. The student will require access to Microsoft word to follow a workbook during live (on-line) tutor led sessions. The workbook will be sent via email with suggested prior learning the week before class. Upon completion and submission of workbook and case studies, the successful candidates will be awarded a certificate of accreditation from the British Academy of Crystal Healing.


    The student will require access to the syllabus stones, details of which will be emailed across upon registration. A model will also be required for 30 mins during each session to demonstrate ability and understanding. The tutor will email exact timings for model requirement.

    Scheme of Work:

    Unit 1: Introduction to Vibrational Medicine

    This unit is to introduce the learners to Vibrational Medicine. The learners will be made aware of the different energies and frequencies that are emitted from crystals and how they affect the human body.  The learners will be made aware of aftercare procedures and contra indications to healing.

    The unit aim is to give learners an introduction into how crystals work and a brief insight to human and environmental energy.

    Unit 2:  Syllabus Stones

    This unit is to introduce the learners to the 6 syllabus stones. The learners will be made aware of the names, the frequencies and the healing attributes of the crystals.   The learners will be made aware of toxic crystals and contra indications for use.

    The unit aim is to introduce the syllabus stones, safe use and healing benefits.

    1. The student will be sent a list of easily obtainable crystal requirements upon enrolling to complete the course.

    Unit 3: Crystal Body Massage

    This unit is to introduce the learners to techniques on how to use crystals effectively for massage and the suitability of the crystals. The learners will learn which massage technique is appropriate in different situations, how to ensure hygiene standards and energetic cleansing, charging and general care for the crystals.

    The unit aim is to make the learners aware of how to perform massage strokes and techniques with crystals (a model will be required)

    Unit 4:  Crystal Facial

    This unit is to introduce the learners to facial massage and rejuvenation with crystals. The learners will be made aware of the suitability of the stones for the various techniques and outcomes required.

    Unit 5: Crystal Light Therapy

    This unit is to introduce the learners to the term Light Therapy, what it is and what it does.   The learners will be made aware of the facial web and how to administer it and ensure that the client is fully grounded at the end of the session.