Incredible Case Study

I have been privileged to witness the successful effects of crystals being used specifically to aid conception in 3 women who had given up hope of having children and have successfully given birth to babies, all girls so far.


I am currently working with crystals on a client who is desperate to have a baby and has agreed for me to share her journey with you anonymously. It will hopefully offer guidance and wisdom to those who are experiencing difficulties conceiving and show that crystals offer a real alternative to invasive procedures.

I am going to call this lady Mary, she is in good health, a little overweight and lethargic and hasn’t had a period for over 2 years. She has a bubbly personality and holds a positive mental outlook, which in my opinion can often mask the underlying energy: the cause of the problem.

We designed a 3 session, interactive program with crystals and JSJ energy lock placements. Session 1 to release the sadness. Session 2 to regain the flow, Session 3 to increase the libido and open her to conception.


When Mary initially came to see me, I discovered that she was carrying a lot of sadness and it had congested in her lower abdomen. I used crystals and a tuning fork to break up the energy and offered her the following advice

“I recommend Carnelian for you (orange) which is good to get you fired up, motivated, energised and inspired.  This crystal is to be used on energy lock no 12 in your neck. You should hold it in place with the left hand on the right side of the neck.

I also recommend Aventurine for you (green) it is good to bring inner peace, tranquillity and stop you from absorbing other people’s worries and responsibility. You are storing the emotion in your sacral area and this is what we want to purify. Place aventurine on energy lock 14, located under the rib cage, with your right hand on the left rib.

Hold the crystals in place simultaneously and allow 10 minutes each side for the frequency to fully enter the body. Do this exercise for 20 minutes in the morning and evening for 3 days then allow 3 days rest without the crystals. See how you feel with and without them…

Observe any thoughts and feeling that arise regarding sadness, sorrow, feeling overly responsible and be prepared to feel them, release them but not act upon them. Become mindful of regaining your power, allow others to be responsible for their own wellbeing, be kind to yourself and others and ensure that you are self-fulfilled in what you do”

Mary is a nurse and can often prioritise others before herself.

Cleansing Crystals:

After just one week this is Mary’s observation of herself:

“I have now completed the 3 days healing with the crystals and I feel amazing. I can’t explain the difference in 3 days. I had a few moments of flashback from the past, few sad moments but generally, I feel fantastic. Also affected my eating habits and I don’t feel hungry, food doesn’t even interest me. I don’t know how to thank you enough.

I feel determined to reach my goals. Please guide me on how to continue. I will rest for 3 days now, but I will continue after that. Looking forward to hearing from you soon

God bless you for helping me on my way to changes”


This session was done via skype. We used guided meditation and crystals to open the flow of the sacral area. Mary was then asked to use fluorite and follow the advice below.

“The aim is to purify and open the sacral area to stimulate flow. Fluorite is to help you start flowing in all areas of your life, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Place the fluorite on the chest, above the breast which is known as energy lock 13. This lock will aid opening and purifying the womb and ovaries. If there is a blockage it will cause bloating in the abdomen…. in this case, move the crystals and hands down on to energy lock 14, situated just below the ribs. Finally, to get the energy flowing down your legs… place the crystals on energy lock 15 in the groin.

I am happy for you to do this daily with full awareness of what your body is saying to you…  if you are enjoying the sensation stay in that position if there is pain… it is a blockage… an incorrect thought or an emotion…. be aware of any emotions or thoughts that surface. Just observe your inner world without attachment and acknowledge that this or that happened and now it has past… or this is what pain, sadness, grief, insecurity, feels like which are just low frequencies in the body. Do not resist any low frequencies that surface they must be experienced, acknowledged and released to purify, however go steady if too much comes up, stop with the crystals and allow the body to process.

Try to remember and recognise that energy is just a frequency, thought/emotion. within you, and when the correct frequency is found the body will harmonise. “

Mary spent 2 weeks working on these locks and here is her amazing observation after just 1 week:

“Now let me tell you, I’m so excited. As I told you before I had no monthly period in the last 2 years and yesterday the miracle happened – my period came. I also have lost 7kg.

This makes me feel amazing, thank you to you and the crystals. Sending you lots of love and gratitude…..”

Mary is happy for you to follow her story but as you can already witness she has improved dramatically in just 3 weeks we are hopeful for her miracle baby to be conceived.

I will keep you posted.

If you would like advice or a consultation to help you please get in touch: tel: 0783 4072273

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