astrophylliteDOUBT has to be the strongest and most popular frequency that takes us away from empowerment. It is our own worst enemy and lives in the solar plexus. Doubt is the negative voice within you that changes the signals we are sending out to the Universe and stops us becoming successful.

THE LAW OF MAGNETISM (or attraction as some label it) works when the frequency you are emitting is solid and strong. In other words “if you KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt, you will be successful”……This is a popular saying and is exactly correct, success is when you go beyond the shadow aspect of the self (which is doubt in this case)….. into certainty. DOUBT holds us in slavery or in service to a negative internal voice that disturbs the frequency of success.

We are all creators of our own reality; yes, you heard correctly… there is nobody but you determining your future or your life. YOU are the magnet to the world around you and are creating your life daily… so here is a helping hand to lead you into success. The doubt always has a story… you are not good enough or you are not worthy. Well I am telling you that is absolutely and utterly not true, it is an impregnated thought pattern that is holding you back and not serving yours or anyone else’s highest good. You need to realise the truth which is that you are made up of elements, earth, air, fire and water……. (More on the elements and what they represent shortly, but basically earth is your physical form, air is your mind, fire is your desire and water is your emotions) …. Then… AND only then will you change your life. Astrophyllite will aid purification of all the elements and aid living without the destruction of the manmade stories.

astrophylliteAstrophyllite … I have used this magical crystal with extreme success. It has the ability to enlighten you as to which element is out within you and then rectify the imbalance… So here is how it works…… Astrophyllite has needle shards of high vibration light within and when used with awareness can aid access to vital information…. Ask the astrophyllite which element is out within you and to rectify the imbalance for you. Do this with an open heart and a commitment to raising the collective consciousness and you will be amazed at how much Mother Earth and her crystals want to help you……Do not buy into the story of WHY you are out of balance or you will only create more uncertainty.

If you would like to buy some Astrophyllite please email me…. the price varies….

You will LOVE the frequency of Astrophyllite …it really is enlightening… and can be used for anything you want to become enlightened about…like having your own guru….

I Love to hear your experiences, please keep me posted.


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