Dealing with Stress or Anxiety?… Crystals are the best Therapy for this… why? Because they emit tiny electrical impulses directly into the nervous system.

We have researched into using crystals on the pulse points of the wrist and elbow to calm and soothe the nerves.

The results were outstanding. Simply place the crystals on the wrist and elbows and sit quietly for 5 minutes and observe the body and how it reacts to the subtle sensations.

Sometimes you can feel tingling, “fizzing”, cool, heat, movement in the body which is the reaction from the crystal stimulus. The body also then begins to release and relax into a deeper level of being.

Anxiety, panic attacks and stress often live within us at a subtle level therefore many people cannot understand why they feel it. The conscious mind tells us that there is no reason to feel this way and this makes us feel out of control.

When using crystals, the frequency interacts with our subconscious mind and aligns us back into a harmonious state.

I have recommended smoky quartz and bloodstone to help as these crystals really offer balance and stability. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. If you would like to know more about crystals visit for course dates

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Jackie Winters FM BACH

BACH Leading the way in vibrational medicine in the UK and Europe

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