We had an incredible time in Glastonbury connecting to Ley lines, creating portals of love, performing Shamanic ceremony and sensing the power that the Earth through the Ley Lines.

A group of beauty full ladies met in Glastonbury last weekend to share their love with Mother earth and the collective… and they did it in style…. the Healing Centre we stayed at had grounds that sat on the Michael ley line and the charge up your bum was incredible…haha xx We laughed so much, the high energies were instantly achieved and then, through intention we sent the frequency deep into the Earth with love and gratitude.

The Mary Madeleine vibration in the chapel hit my head and soothed my mind, releasing all the past conditioning and gently steering me into a new consciousness. A kinder, gentler energy that wanted to surface beneath the chatter of my mind. Now I am not gonna lie, as with all energy work, I was reminded of the intensity of the vibration that was leaving…. It had been in my ancestral coding for many generations and didn’t want to leave without a last goodbye… if that makes sense… If it doesn’t …it means all the crap came to the surface for me to experience one last time… tears were shed and cleansing manifested.

Why do I do this work and pilgrimages? To help clean and clear my ancestors emotional and mental trauma, thereby creating a purer vibration within me and the collective consciousness around Mother Earth….
Is it easy ? .. No sometimes it’s quite deep and can mean a few days being comfortable with the uncomfortable as I release stories and memories from the past to move forward with a beauty full outlook of the world and a light heart……
I teach my classes based on my experiences… I have been a voice for Mother Earth for over 40 years and I count my blessings daily…. I feel lighter, younger, happier than I ever did and love being an advocate for the energetic work we do… It does pay off…..

Our next venture to work with ley Lines is on the 13 August at Long Meg, where we have been lucky enough to have Kevin Rowan Drewitt join us to share his knowledge and expertise…. Come and connect toy your ancestors with us at Long Meg and know that one day you too will be an Ancestor of the Earth too……

I love this saying that Shirley told me whilst in Glastonbury …..

“I may stand Alone but I represent the thousands that went before me ….. “
I get goose bumps when I read that …

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