For Teenagers and older ages

Teenagers often experience the dreaded curse of acne to varying degrees, so I decided to use crystals and see if they could help my granddaughter. She chose crystals and used them in her daily and sure enough they started to show some improvements. I am not going to make this out to be a fairy story, because when she stopped using them the acne did return, albeit not to the same degree..

So how did it help?

Being a non-chemical treatment, it gave her skin a rest from using medicated creams and emitted natural light into her skin. The sun has always benefitted the skin and as many of us are often sun deprived in the UK we noticed immediately that she appeared to have a glow about her.

Crystals send light emissions into the neurological system thereby also affecting the way we think. She soon became more confident about her appearance and relaxed, which in turn balanced her hormones and improved her skin dramatically. 

I began to wonder if it would help the ageing process in any way and sure enough after regular use the skin became clearer, brighter and more toned. The attitude of personal beauty shone through and REAL beauty of the personality made its way to the surface. I LOVED watching the lady grow into herself !! 

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