Meet Jasper this very handsome, loveable horse, isn’t he just gorgeous!!… He stands 15.2 hands tall and is 14 years old. I am told that he won the Horse of the Year show back in his day… No surprise there!!

I am privileged to be sharing space at the stables with his owner, who is very into alternative options when it comes to Horse wellbeing. I have to say she is doing amazing with him, such a contented, loveable horse with a cheeky character.

Jasper has been prone to cellulitis and June (his owner) was concerned that the swelling in his lower leg indicated that it was back… which can warrant an expensive vet bill and the need for antibiotics.

I mentioned that Amber is considered a natural antibiotic and has been used successfully in many of our students’ case studies to reduce and in some cases alleviate the use of medication. June agreed to see if it would work. We placed the Amber inside a leg support and strapped it to Jasper’s leg, to be left in place for 3 days, after which time we would assess the situation and call in a vet if necessary.

Day 1: As you can see from the photos the left back leg is swollen and although Jasper wasn’t lame, he was protecting it.

Day 2: The swelling has reduced slightly.

Day 3: Back to normal.

I am so enjoying using crystals at the stables and watching how the horses respond to their frequencies. Plus, it is always nice if we can avoid the use of drugs, although they do have their place in the world, I always prefer a natural approach… Don’t you?

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