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Crystal Shaman Sorcery Course

Course details:

Course details: A light-hearted fun way to spend an evening, learning basic information, meditating, singing, chanting and sharing space with like-minded people.

Welcome to our loving community.

Length of course:

6-week 1.30-hour classes on Tuesday evenings.

26 October 2021

2,9,16, 30 November 2021

(no class 23 November)

7 December 2021

Time: 7.00pm-8.30pm UK time

Cost: £72

Aim of the course: To raise our vibration to become relaxed, happy and contented.


A shaman is a person who is deeply connected to the land and the elements.

This course combines Paganism, Shamanism and Crystals to offer you a deeper insight into the world of energy and how it was used by our Ancestors to live more in harmony with our self and Mother Earth.

Included within the Course: Meditation, singing, chanting, crystals and learning through experience.


* MOON MAGIC: The feminine energy of the moon has much to offer, learn about the phases, the goddesses, and the potential to help you ride the monthly emotional waves.

*WISHES AND SPELLS: Joining with the elements to make your wishes and dreams come true but be careful what you wish for! Incorporating intention, attention and the greater good

* CARDS AND RUNES: Becoming the Oracle, using divination cards and runes to “SEE”

* INCANTATIONS: The power of chanting the Enochian Angelic Script, affirmations, and focus.

* HERBS AND CRYSTALS: basic information on how herbs compliment crystals.


*CRYSTAL WANDS: Make a crystal wand and learn how to use it …

The results of the course will leave the students more conscious of who they are and heighten their awareness of the energy world.

Jackie Winters FM BACH

BACH Leading the way in vibrational medicine in the UK and Europe

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