Crystal Master Classes

Name of Course: Crystal Light Master Classes

Dates:  7,12,14,19 & 21 January 2022

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost of the course £150

Where: On-Line Zoom

Entry Level: This course is designed for those who have some degree of energy awareness within the Crystal Kingdom,

It is not designed for beginners

The course is open to everyone however those who have completed the Diploma will take priority so they can complete their Post-Graduation qualification. For those who have not completed the Diploma no qualification will be issued on completion.

Resources: You will need access to Apophyllite, Angel Aura, Bronzite, Platonic solids, Meteorite or Tektite, a Quartz laser wand, and a Merkabah.

We can source these crystals for you if you do not have them, but we would need to know ASAP to ensure delivery in time for the course

7th January 2022

Angelic Activation:

Are you ready to open internal gateways to explore vibrations in your energy field that are linked to the Angelic Frequencies? We will be working with Apophyllite and Angel Aura, anchoring with Bronzite

12th January 2022


Plutonic Solids

A journey through the dimensional realms of existence. Learn about Plato and how he interpreted the growth patterns of nature and became a world-renowned philosopher and mathematician. Plato believed that we need to be equally connected to 5 realms in order to find the blissful union of heaven on earth.



14 January 2022

Meteorites and Tektites, exploring the cosmos

Are we alone in the Universe? Let’s move awareness with the aid of meteorites and tektites to explore the cosmos. Do you feel like a Star Child? We will discuss what meteorites and tektites are and use their energy to connect to unseen worlds where intelligence is energetic not necessarily physical. You will be surprised where you feel your connection, which Star calls you and how at “home” you feel

19th January 2022

Psychic Surgery using Laser wands,

(including a live demonstration)

Tears and rips in your energy field can be due to a number of reasons, past life trauma, present life mental insecurities, fragmented soul aspect. We will learn how to identify energy gapes, rips and tears in the aura and how to repair them by cutting ties, cords, pledges, oaths and vows.

We will use crystals to fill the void with energetic plasma light and “sew” the energy field, through the subtle layers to repair and restore the auric field.

The results are outstanding, increasing physical energy levels, restoring focus, changing perception and releasing energetic weight.

21st January 2022

Merkabah Rotation in 3D gridding

The Merkabah rotation is a field of pure sparkling bright light energy that your soul uses to enter the body. It has the ability to rectify all impurities within your field and restore/reset imbalances to the Divine order.

Many factors have to be taken into consideration when using this incredible light, however when you know how to eliminate doubt, be open to miracles, focus and direct the light ….you become all powerful, reach heightened awareness, and KNOW… this is BEYOND WORDS.

Pure experience you won’t want to miss.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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