Working in Unison


With Holistic Powers

The British Academy of Crystal Healing is offering a one day Introduction to Crystal Light Therapy workshop that may be of interest to you. We would like to offer our 30 years of experience and research into vibrational medicine along with the knowledge of our findings to help those who wish to work with crystals understand the subject in more depth.

We are looking towards work alongside reputable holistic practitioners to provide a service to those who wish to make a career or gain personal knowledge in this area. If you are interested in hosting a day we would like to discuss a financially mutual balanced proposition to you so we can spread the word and help those who are seeking first class education in this area.

An example of hosting a workshop: the day would retail at between £80 to £140 per student with a 50/50 split to the host and a minimum 8 students. These figures can be adjusted depending on the size of the group and location.

I sincerely hope that together we can join together to help spread the knowledge of how to use crystals wisely and effectively to help those who choose to work with crystals have a complete understanding of the subject. Please contact me for further details

Crystal Light Therapy is now becoming one of the most sought after holistic treatments. People are realising the importance of stilling their mind and emotions to find inner peace and harmony. They are looking into the benefits of using crystals to aid this process, let’s help them together.