Jackie Winters


Jackie is the author of the highly successful divination cards “Messages from Mother Earth” and has written many articles for spiritual magazines and daily blogs. Radio stations both here in the UK and the USA regularly invite her as a Jackie Winters is the founder of British Academy of Crystal Healing and is one of the world’s top authorities in Crystals and Crystal Healing. She is also the author of the highly successful Divination cards ‘Messages from Mother Earth’ and has written many articles for spiritual magazines and daily blogs. Radio stations both here in the UK and the USA regularly invite her as a guest speaker to deliver knowledge and advice as to the application and efficacy of using crystals in the holistic world.
Jackie first became interested in crystals back in 1990 when she developed an acute case of nervous asthma and was prescribed heavy medication to control the condition. The medication created further side effects and encouraged her to seek an alternative solution to manage her health. She was given a piece of Blue lace agate by a close friend who told her to carry it on her person and that it would rectify the condition.

Jackie was a bit of a sceptic at the time but decided to give it a try and see if it would help. Her condition improved rapidly and so began her journey into researching crystal therapy to decipher the outcome and consider whether the improvement had been due to the placebo effect or if there was any substance in the possibility that crystals could have played a part in her recovery.

She embarked on a two year Diploma in Crystal Therapy, spent time observing reports and feedback from many case studies began researching the effects on animals and plants and practised daily meditation with crystals. Her sensitivity and receptivity to crystal energy, piezoelectricity, developed profoundly and became an invaluable tool when devising techniques on how to use and where to place the crystals. People began asking her to deliver classes and so back in 1999 she started to deliver small classes on how to become aware of and recognise the subtle electrical stimulants that are emitted from crystals.

The Conclusion

The conclusion was that crystals appeared to enhance the quality of life experienced by those who received crystal healing in a very real positive way, however funding was limited and those crystal therapists who wished to offer their services for free were encouraged to do so.
An invitation to Athens offered an opportunity to discuss and lecture to reflexology students who were looking to incorporate crystals into their holistic regime. Jackie helped raise awareness of the therapeutic values of certain crystals to create a foot massage with particular crystals to improve the experience for the individual. However the use of a linguistic translator impeded any further development in this area.

In 2007 Jackie’s health once again required attention so she researched Chinese associations to attitude and well-being, Meta physics, energy flows and energy locks within the body. She used crystals daily to unlock tensions created by unproductive thought patterns and placed importance on maintaining emotional equilibrium and a healthy diet.

This life experience was invaluable toward her approach to healing. She realised the importance of beauty, recognising the beauty within herself and focusing on beauty within the world, anything less was leading her to feel dis eased, not at ease with herself or the world. After 3 months she was given the news that her condition had improved dramatically and the surgeon confirmed that he no longer felt the need to perform surgery.

Recently, Jackie has received requests to write a book and Messages from Mother Earth volume 2. She is a pioneer in the holistic world of crystals and is constantly researching and developing her knowledge in vibrational medicine to aid change and transformation into a gentler, more natural way of healing and living. Jacqueline is available to offer workshops and talks to small and large groups who may be interested in the many benefits that can be achieved through working with Crystals.

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