Student Evaluations of Diploma Course
This course literally transformed my life. I’ve had the best year learning about energy and crystals but I feel what’s most valuable is what I have learned about myself.
I have come so far spiritually, mentally and emotionally, my self-worth has improved my self-esteem, confidence mental clarity and a feeling of being loved supported and cared for.
My journey has been incredible. Jackie is the best tutor, I am eternally grateful. Becky Barnes. 23/10/2016

What a wonderful course. You learn lots of information about the crystals and therapies you can use, it is a big learning curve and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks Jackie, .Leanne and Sue

Here at the British Academy of Crystal healing you are encouraged to harness and explore the healing energies of crystals.  Jackie takes the students on a journey incorporating science and nature giving clear concise and current information.  She introduces the learners/students to the art of crystal healing, its beauty, how it works and the various therapies.  Her experience, enthusiasm and knowledge allow the learner/student to embrace and experience the holistic journey of crystal therapy.  Thank you Jackie, for a Wonderful Experience. Jean Eatoe. 22/10/2016

The Crystal Healing Diploma is the most amazing course I have ever done.  I have changed and developed over the course and have a thorough understanding of crystals.  The course teaches theory and practical sides of crystal healing.  The experimental side of it and the knowledge of Jackie was incredible and I have learnt so much.  I thoroughly recommend the course to anyone thinking of doing it. Becky Connor

At the British Academy of Crystal Healing Jackie Winters gently guides the students to expand their awareness of crystals, you are taken on a journey which allows you to explore and connect to your inner being.  As a beginner with limited knowledge of crystals this took me on a journey of personal truth allowing me to develop and expand within a group with varying experience in complimentary therapy.  Jackie lectures on the benefits of crystals, their beauty and how they work. Her vast knowledge and expertise of vibration medicine its use and how crystals were harnessed was imparted with enthusiasm in a good learning environment.  This ancient secret and its benefits explored, gave me the tools to acknowledge, develop and embrace a more holistic world.
Thank you Jackie, my journey has certainly been blessed from meeting with you, a friend that changed my life. Delores Thobourne 23/10/2016

“An incredible journey of self- discovery and self- acceptance. I have grown not only spiritually but also on an emotional level too. I feel comfortable with who I am and finally aware of my true purpose upon this earth. There have been times where I have questioned my ability and validity to be on this course, however these dark moments passed and were necessary to realise and accept my true self. My life has changed so much for the better. Jackie gently encourages and lovingly nurtures all her students along the path of self- discovery and self- mastery, valuing everyone’s input and experiences. I have spent many enjoyable and fun weekends with a fantastic group of like-mind ladies. I sincerely give my thanks and gratitude.” Christine Wright 25/10/15

“For me it’s definitely been a journey, the course has pushed my boundaries to experience things I never thought possible. It has made me reach deep within myself to find inner resources I never knew existed. It has helped me see me that I am capable of so much more.  For me it has been a life changing experience, being on the course and working with the crystals has definitely had the chrysalis effect on me. As has meeting lots of fabulous people, it has certainly been an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world, thank you. I know it’s an individual journey but the course has been so inspirational for me, and what has helped a great deal is how the course is conveyed by Jackie, a wonderful advocate of the crystal cause! Yes I would recommend both Jackie and the course ;)” Julie Dean 19/10/15

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two day Beauty with Crystal course. Jackie made it fun, informative and was very clear with delivering the course content. Looking forward to putting it more into practice as the clients I have used the crystals on so far have enjoyed the treatment and rebooked for the same again. Highly recommend this course for anyone interested in crystal therapy. A great place to start if you’re thinking of working with crystals” Jane Goodwin 31 October 2015

Joyce Stephenson Love Love Loved it. Really enjoyed today. Can’t wait to open my wings at bedtime. Thank you Jackie 😇 Thank you Stella for your care and looking after us with all the goodies and keeping us hydrated xxx Silvia Perruzza

Thank you! It was a beautifully day with beautiful people xx Annette Mcgowan-Doe

Thank you to all the lovely people who attended the Angelic Workshop today and to our fabulous teacher Jackie for making it such a special day. I truly felt that we had been together before and I know that some of you felt that remembrance too .For those of you who wanted to do it and could not come today, do not worry Jackie will be invited back next year. Phoenix Holistics Stella Baron

I had been feeling pretty low until I came on this workshop and afterwards I felt amazing. It was absolutely incredible how it shifted my perception and how I could “see” my life more clearly. They should make these sessions compulsory!! Thank you Jackie, for helping me through a particularly low period in my life, I am now brighter and more positive. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to anyone, it was beautiful. Shirley Waite

Thank you for my reading. I am totally amazed at your accuracy – and it has brought tears to my eyes but in a reassuring, happy way.
This person would like to remain anonymous

I trained as a medium 25 years ago. I have given readings but I’m a lone parent now and have many restrictions which, as your reading suggests, have weighted my heart because I find myself unable to do  much. I love writing and painting but don’t do it enough so again, spot on!

Crystals have enabled me to become more aware of who I am, helped me to maintain a sense of balance, lifted my spirits when I am down and generally made me feel pretty good! This person would like to remain anonymous

To all people who are considering this course, I would highly recommend it. I did it a few years ago and it gave me the insight and clarity to totally change my life and I can honestly say I have never looked back…. If you are prepared to face your personal truth and align yourself with the universe, go for it!! Be prepared for miraculous developments…. Jackie, you are an angel, thank you for lighting the way Johanna 4 May 2013

Messages from Mother Earth Divination cards

A really lovely lady and an excellent set of Crystal Oracle Cards. Xxx

“I have always been drawn to crystals but never understood very much about them.

I literally just like the look of certain crystals and wore them or placed around home without much thought, just thinking I was drawn to colours. Maria 3 May 2013

After I joined the British Academy of Crystal Healing I found a whole new world with crystals’ -from understanding why I was drawn to certain crystals and how best to work with crystal energy in my daily life. Also through lots of fun on the course I have learned a lot about crystals enhancing knowledge and wisdom, within me, which can only be described as fascinating!!!!  In turn the crystals have taught me how to become successful and confident within my life.

Further to this I now can use what I have learned to actually help others using the crystal to heal them or by giving people crystals to hold during stressful periods in their lives. This in turn fascinates the clients who can really feel and see the benefits in their everyday life.

I am a 2nd module student learning to attain my second certificate. When attending the course as well as learning it is enjoyable as you get time out for yourself in the form of healing or relaxation, really giving you a day for you…. Therefore I would recommend trying this Diploma and especially meeting the amazing teachers who every lesson leave me in ore of there teachings …

Overall crystals help me to remember the essence of who I’d really like to be and helping me to get closer to that dream everyday … “

“I only came along for a one day workshop to ascertain the potential properties associated with the use of crystals in jewellery, as customers were asking me for specific stones and crystals for specific healing conditions. I was quite sceptical I must admit, but as time has gone on I am absolutely convinced the powers and energy of the crystals do exist and can be very powerful.”