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Energy Medicine. Jin Shin Jyutsu and Crystals

#JinShinJyutsu is, in my opinion, one of the best guides to #energymedicine. It details how attitude gets trapped in the body and pinpoints the location as an #energylock. In other words, the way we think(perception) can trap the flow of #energy in an exact place within the body and disturb inner...

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The Spiritual Descent 25 August 2019

Is it just me or are others experiencing the Spiritual Descent to Earth as well? The Taoist speak of this descent in their teachings. Feelings of being lost, not having a purpose, anxiety regarding finances, and sheer despair at the state of the world and all the uncertainty. I decided...

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INTRODUCTION Quartz Crystals and various gems are already found in many facial and body creams, due to the recognition that they enhance the effect of the product. Quartz is a piezoelectric material that generates an electrical charge and was discovered by Pierre Curie and his brother Jacques in...

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Long Meg Earth Activation.

The date was the 1st August 2019, Lamas… a time of the year that represents the start of harvest. We eagerly made our journey up to “Long Meg and her daughters” sacred stone circle in Cumbria. A few prayers were sent to ask that the weather would hold for us to perform a sacred ceremony and apply...

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A Journey into the Cosmos with Crystals

Ok so we don’t actually need space suits and oxygen tanks haha, when I say a journey into the cosmos, I mean we take awareness into the cosmos. Crystals amplify the sensations within the body and the whole experience becomes very real on many levels. Let me explain! Scientists have already agreed...

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Sun and Moon energies

The sun and moon are both in constant movement; however the moon phases and energy shifts are much quicker than the movement of the sun. The sun takes 30 days to change its alignment with the stars, therefore energetically speaking any lessons we are learning from the sun take longer to integrate,...

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Mandela for to trust

The Moon and Me She shadows over the Earth at night and sometimes is kept out of sight.Her constant movement rules over the Oceansand always affects my sensitive emotions.Her kindness and love shines deep in my heartbut also reveals where I have grown apartfrom the wholeness I feel when I stay...

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