Just recently, a portal has opened within the human awareness to be able to consciously connect to the central sun. The central sun energy vortex is located within our auric field but has previously been “asleep”. It allows the individual access to higher sources of wisdom, deeper levels of knowing’s and to maintain a good connection with the compassionate heart.


The frequency of the central sun is softer and gentler than our local sun and can be accessed via intention and attention. Simply raise your arms to a full, gentle stretch above the head, calm the mind and set your intention to connect to this level of awareness. Once you feel the connection bring it into the body via the crown and affirm “Divine mind, Divine sight, Divine hearing, Divine speech, Divine wisdom, Divine unconditional love.” Touching the body as you move the light all the way down to Mother Earth and bless her. Then intend to pick up the energy of Mother Earth and bring up Divine Material wealth, Divine material joy of life, Divine physical health. Repeat this exercise 3 times and on the last raising of Mother Earth energy anchor it at the naval.

This exercise will aid anchoring the higher realms of consciousness into your field and if enough of us do this we affect the global collective consciousness.



17 12 2019 Today’s channelling

As I made connection with the central sun energy in my field today I noticed that the colour had changed. It had previously been a golden light but today the frequency had shifted significantly. The colour was a teal blue light and when I searched for a crystal I found a piece of green fluorite that was exhibiting the same colour. This is what I sensed when communicating with this light via the fluorite.

Within the collective consciousness, there is a download of information on how to proceed forward practically in this time of change. The light frequency is unearthing practical advice through our intuition on how to make for a new world where we each begin to take responsibility for our part in the bigger picture.

Too many of us are willing to allow others to tell us what to do, meet the demands of society, react to our inbred mindset of duties and expectations. A big shift is here, and it is aiding us to make the changes that our soul is crying out for. Those that are “open” to intuitive internal messages will respond to the frequencies and begin new projects in 2020. They will not settle for the lifeless frequencies of existence that many now live in… they will actively search for what brings them the joyous level of being in human form.

This is a blessing to Mother Earth and is being overseen by higher levels of consciousness within the cosmos to ensure that love, kindness, gentleness and unity will be restored on Earth. Society needs to change and the change needs to begin inside each and every one of us… so we take responsibility for what we love doing and actively follow it without fear.

The teal light is here until the New year comes in and so if you feel unsettled with your life, career, relationship…. become aware of the impulses that arise within you, they will guide you safely into the New World.

The New World is here, now….. the frequencies are already established within the Earths energy field and will sustain your choices and aid awareness of it. The choices are always yours, choose to have your best life, to live in the dimension of love, joy, happiness. I am here to tell you that everything is set to help you make the changes you seek.

2020 is a new era and will bring a softer frequency to those who follow their intuition and listen to their inner guidance.



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