This beautiful article below was written by my gorgeous granddaughter and it reminded me that young people these days are interested in #NATURALHEALING: Including crystals and want to know more... so these on-line classes are with them in mind offering advice and techniques on how to...

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I AM What is wrong with this statement “I want to be ……. peaceful, happy, respected, loved, wealthy ……...? The Universe will hold you in the place of wanting… so you will not progress to the destination that you desire, you will remain always wanting… Some may recognise their dilemma and change...

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Channellings from the Central Sun

Just recently, a portal has opened within the human awareness to be able to consciously connect to the central sun. The central sun energy vortex is located within our auric field but has previously been “asleep”. It allows the individual access to higher sources of wisdom, deeper levels of...

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Sacred Land messages from Mother Earth

The following information is a record of a retreat to connect to the Frequency of a Neolithic Rock high in the Andalusian Mountains. Day 1: arrived in the #mountains and the first thing I realise is that my #mind is not used to #peace ... how often do we think .... we live life with so...

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Energy Medicine. Jin Shin Jyutsu and Crystals

#JinShinJyutsu is, in my opinion, one of the best guides to #energymedicine. It details how attitude gets trapped in the body and pinpoints the location as an #energylock. In other words, the way we think(perception) can trap the flow of #energy in an exact place within the body and disturb inner...

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