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Cosmic Communications

by Jackie Winters | Jackie is adept at speaking with Crystals but has now began meditating on sacred energy spots on the land and connecting to pyramids. This voice recording is her experience and understanding of the messages she receives. Jackie Winters FM BACH

by Jackie Winters | Channelled 17 January 2020 “Why are you here ?

by Jackie Winters | This blog is about “walking the talk” … helping understand how to witness the effects of cosmic communication.

by Jackie Winters | Communication through sensations continues into shapes and how they make up the 3 D world.

by Jackie Winters | Going out of thought into the silence …. becoming the observer.

by Jackie Winters | Activating a Merkabah Rotation to create the sensation of Pleasure.

by Jackie Winters | A New Consciousness is here

by Jackie Winters | Natures Laws

by Jackie Winters | Inner earth Aleda and Merlin.

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