Expectations are illusions that the mind creates, the consequences of which can result in depression, sadness, lack, fear, worry………
Expectations very rarely lead to happiness, because when they are realised the mind wants more and so the snowball grows and the drop into the lower frequencies is from a higher point of expectation and the damage is greater.

Mind conjures up images of people, situations, life and self-image, based on personal experience and programming. To break these expectations can be very difficult. It requires the mind to be fully open, to enter vulnerability, to be at peace and become whole, to trust in the natural process of life and to be willing to let go of the old programming…the past.

The mind uses the past to create a security/identity of who we are, what to expect from life and assume control. But this is not the truth…..

We are here on Earth to learn from spirit, to release mind into heart and connect to this wonderful planet that we are visiting for such a short period in time. We can forget the truth and buy into the illusion of the manmade world where fears and worry torment us daily and live in constant stress. Or we can choose to break free from the expectations we have accumulated.

Tektites are meteoritic glass that is mainly composed of silica. They are formed when a comet or asteroid impacts the Earth. The Earth terrain melts and is ejected into the upper atmosphere at hyper-velocities. Tektites rain down.

Because they have no internal structure, they teach us how to live without the structure of the mind. They help us let go of expectations and live with an open mind, not predicting or speculating outcomes. They will remind us where we are, on a rock in a solar system revolving around the sun and illuminate us to truth.

When you are aware of the illusion of the mind you are better equipped to release the past, live fully in the present and allow the gift of life to become joyous without the weight of expectation.

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