5th Dimension:





Unconditional Love.


Energy work with Crystals addresses the way we feel and think about any aspect of our life.

When we begin to explore our thoughts and feelings with crystals they enlighten us to aspects of our subconscious mind and deeply engrained thought patterns that are so much a part of us that we are often unaware of their presence. This will also enlighten us to our social conditioning too.

Crystals not only address the way we think but also unearth emotional feelings that have not been expressed or acknowledged but have been buried deep inside us, possibly due to them being too painful for us to deal with, like grief, betrayal, sadness… you know the script.

So if we want to elevate our frequency (thoughts and feelings) into the 5th Dimension we must be willing to change… release low frequency thoughts and re-write our story. We must also be willing to dedicate time to it: you are not going to become a marathon runner if you don’t even run…

Shamans teach us that each and every one of us emits an electrical charge into the collective energy field. This charge is an imprint of how we feel and think. Therefore, if many of us believe that the government is corrupt, we create a reality where we see the government as being corrupt. If we believe that the banks are ripping us off, then we create that reality. However the opposite is also true. If enough of us look for the truth and create an image of the reality we want then that becomes the reality we live.    Most bankers do not become a banker to rip people off, they do so because they are good with money and want to help and serve the community. Most politicians follow their career path because their heart has said I want to make a difference…. When you look at the world through your heart you see a different picture, yes the other corrupt world is there at the moment but we can make the change by living and purifying our thoughts and mind to resonate in the fifth dimension of goodness and love.

Crystals can help us… Yes you can do this work without the help of crystals but they have the resonance to fast track you. They can adjust your frequency into the purer realms but you have to make the life choices to stay there. In other words you must be willing to see the good, or look for it, release any internal hurts, sadness, grief that surfaces and become an open vessel with regard to your thought patterns.

Crystals to help:

Rhodochrosite to raise compassion, Kunzite to find unconditional love: Aquamarine to release the fears…. If you want to know more we have workshops and tuition available all year

Visit www.britishacademyofcrystalhealng.co.uk

If you are interested in my book, and cards letting you know about the healing benefits of the crystals here is the link for Messages from Mother Earth:


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