Tektite: to release expectation and find true happiness

Expectations are illusions that the mind creates, the consequences of which can result in depression, sadness, lack, fear, worry……... Expectations very rarely lead to happiness, because when they are realised the mind wants more and so the snowball grows and the drop into the lower frequencies is...

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Adults and Children Workshop

Many adults and children are drawn to crystals and have instincts on how to use them… We want to encourage them to use their instincts but with full knowledge of what they are doing so they can reap the rewards of using them. Although instincts are a big part of using crystals productively for...

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Making a Difference in the World

Sometimes we cannot see how we are making a difference in the world. Then something happens that opens your heart and you realise that you are making a difference and it has all been quietly happening without your awareness. I wrote Messages from Mother Earth 2 in Spain over the last 2...

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Bathing Crystals in the Mediterranean Sea

Today we bathed crystals in the warm, Mediterranean Sea. Not only does this clean crystals but it also charges them with a natural rhythm in keeping with the movement of the sea. The frequency of the natural movement becomes embedded within the crystal and, when activated accordingly,...

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Diploma students to arrive in Spain

There are only 4 more days until we welcome the very first Diploma students here in Spain. I came to the Andalusia region of Spain 2 years ago and fell in love with the natural geological composition of quartz on the beach, mica shining on the surface of the mountains and sheets of green fucshite...

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Crystal Healing Research on Willow (18 year old horse)

SUCH AN EMOTIONAL MOMENT WHEN WILLOW ROLLED AND LAY DOWN !!!!!! You may remember my blog back in January 2017 when we introduced you to Willow… If you want to refresh your memory please read below. Basically willow had been locked in a stable and not been able to lie down for 7 years. When she...

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