So can crystals really change your life? Having had over 30 years’ experience of working with crystals and avoided the surgeon’s knife, which is a long story in itself and I won’t bore you with the details here, I feel equipped to answer No crystals don’t change your life…...

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Hello I will be in Glastonbury Easter week and would love to invite you to join me and Fliss at one of 2 events I have planned on the evening of the 15 April and a full day on the 20 April. Both events are at the same venue: the Nolava rooms, Ground Floor, the Goddess...

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5 February 2019 … February NEW MOON

4 February 2019 ws a New Moon ... I love the new moon it brings a new phase to awareness .. the last moon placed awareness on security, which for many of meant financial security. Mandalas were set to help us work on lack and how to create abundance. I personally feel that I have...

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Raising Awareness into the 5th Dimension.

5th Dimension: Fearless. Loving. Kind. Joyful. Unconditional Love.   Energy work with Crystals addresses the way we feel and think about any aspect of our life. When we begin to explore our thoughts and feelings with crystals they enlighten us to aspects of our subconscious mind and deeply...

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Money in the 5th Dimension …WANT !!

After setting intention, choosing crystals, creating mandala and medicine pouch the crystals can unearth want....... We live in a society that pushes want and need into the collective field via advertising and social standards. Want suggests lack and when want is in your field the...

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Blue crystals to help with Mercury Retrograde

Here is why Ok, so what does all this mean when a planet goes retrograde? Let me explain that no planet actually does go retrograde, it is an illusion and it just appears to retrograde (backwards). Mercury is the planet of communication so expect to be misunderstood, struggle to speak...

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Tektite: to release expectation and find true happiness

Expectations are illusions that the mind creates, the consequences of which can result in depression, sadness, lack, fear, worry……... Expectations very rarely lead to happiness, because when they are realised the mind wants more and so the snowball grows and the drop into the lower frequencies is...

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