Sometimes we cannot see how we are making a difference in the world. Then something happens that opens your heart and you realise that you are making a difference and it has all been quietly happening without your awareness. I wrote Messages from Mother Earth 2 in Spain over the last 2 years and decided to self-publish. This was a large expense for me and my belief in the work that the crystals do had to be strong to enable me to make this investment. We went to print in May this year and the printing firm took over, sending the artwork to China and helping us the whole way through the process.

Messages from Mother Earth volume 1 were printed locally by a printing firm that has now closed down so the new volume 2 is a larger investment but to a higher standard. Sorry, I digress, anyway Messages from Mother Earth volume 2 landed yesterday in the UK and I now have the task of pricing up and promoting them. During research into how well MME vol 1 went I found a video and some feedback which shocked me. People were saying how much they loved the cards, how they felt they had helped them, they even had a five star rating on one website and people were actively looking to purchase them from various distributers.

The reason I am sharing this information with you is because this year has been intense on many levels for many people. It has stripped away the ego for many of us and left us humble and grateful. To witness the manifestation of the intention for writing the cards (which was to help and educate people in using crystals) opened my heart massively, in fact I shed tears hahah, just a big softy at heart.

So when you are doing something from your heart, and cannot see the difference it is making in society please be assured that one day you will witness the silence in which the Universe works and be amazed at the power of your unique creative expression.

We will have Messages from Mother Earth available for sale on the website very soon and I sincerely hope they go out there and make the same impression on the world as their fore runners.

 Feeling so grateful and blessed: Jackie  xx Thank you xx

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