Working with crystals often means that communication is non-verbal and also unseen. Therefore the physical five senses need to be heightened to interpret intuition and watch for results as opposed to physically seeing the energy interaction. To help develop the students in this area and address this ability we took them to meet some horses at a horse sanctuary. A professional trainer explained how the horses communicate to us none verbally and how you can use crystals to direct a horse to move. He explained that horses are highly sensitive and that they can sense the energy that is being emitted from the crystal. When the students began they needed to really connect to the moment, be fully focussed and after a couple of attempts it looked as though there was an invisible string connecting the crystal with the horse.

The purpose of this was to witness the connection of intention and energy movement via thought through the crystal. It improved mental focus and connection with the crystal and enabled the student to visibly see the results. It really was quite amazing to see how well the horses responded to the crystals. When you adapt and develop these methods with crystals you begin to understand how powerful crystals are and improve your ability to communicate with the mineral kingdom. When correctly connected to the crystal the earth will guide you through intuitive heart wisdom, creating a pure Divine connection between Mother Earth and the physical reality of the world we live in.

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