There are only 4 more days until we welcome the very first Diploma students here in Spain.
I came to the Andalusia region of Spain 2 years ago and fell in love with the natural geological composition of quartz on the beach, mica shining on the surface of the mountains and sheets of green fucshite that really affect the loving vibration which is apparent here. Many locals say that this area has a sacred feel to it and I have to say that you rarely see people without a smile…. (All year round sunshine helps !!!). However there really is a wonderful feel to the area and I believe it is being emitted from the geological crystalline structure of the area. It will be interesting to see what the students say when they arrive.

The Diploma has only ever been available in the UK, (since 2004 how time flies) but as of now we offer Module 1 here where you join us for  7 days of tuition in the practical techniques and applications in Spain, followed by 12 theory units that are completed independently and submitted on line. Once module 1 has been completed we drag you back, kicking and screaming (NOT) to complete another 7 days of tuition. Post Graduate students have visited this area and did not want to leave. The feedback was incredible which encouraged us to invite Diploma students over to enjoy the energy too.

Well when you are cleansing crystals in the warm sea, sitting on great big chunks of white quartz on the beach and having theory classes on the veranda overlooking the Mediterranean…. What better setting….… Did I forget to mention the odd glass of Sangria? Well it would be rude not to. J

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