We live in a world where self image is very important… personally I think it is very sad that young women feel the need to inject botox and fillers into their bodies to feel beautiful.

What if there was a more natural way to feel and stay young looking ? Is it not true that sometimes a 20 year old who is carrying emotional and mental worries can look old, lacking in vitality and  worn out….and a sprightly 60 year old can look incredible and have more energy than the 20 year old.


Let us at The British Academy of Crystal Healing help you learn techniques on how to use crystals as a facial regime and to use crystals in massage to relax the body from carrying emotional an mental burdens thereby freeing the mind to enjoy the moment.

If you hold a Reiki, massage or beauty certification you fit the criteria to join us and gain a qualification that will help change the ways of beauty by using crystals instead of fillers… Its healthier, its energetic and it works !!! Just 2 places left on the 13 & 14 April and plenty of spaces in May …

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