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Ok, so what does all this mean when a planet goes retrograde? Let me explain that no planet actually does go retrograde, it is an illusion and it just appears to retrograde (backwards). Mercury is the planet of communication so expect to be misunderstood, struggle to speak from the heart or have a desire to look within and communicate with your own personal needs.

Do you feel that you don’t know what you want? Lost in some direction or are treading a familiar path. Relationships on all levels may be challenged, however none of this is doom and gloom, it really is a time to reflect and truly get to know who you are and what you like. Take time to relax, meditate and ask what are the lessons that you are learning in this phase of your life, contemplate on what you truly want from life and follow what lights you up inside. For those who are walking the true path, it is a time to look back and see how far you have come and give thanks for the journey so far and stand still for a while whilst you take stock.


Crystals are here to help. Larimar is one of my favourite crystals as it has a soft frequency and when we get frustrated it is easy to lash out or become hard and protect ourselves, but who are we protecting our self from?, The external world really is a reflection of the inner world, so basically it is an aspect of your inner world that has shown up to be brought into line with truth and loved better. There are lots of blue crystals that will help you communicate just use with intention and watch the shift happen.
Here are some suggestions: Sodalite for truth and relaxation…. Lapis Lazuli for Equality and fairness…..Larimar for. Gentleness and kindness……Chrysocolla for relaxation and forgiveness

Anymore suggestions ???

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