Many adults and children are drawn to crystals and have instincts on how to use them… We want to encourage them to use their instincts but with full knowledge of what they are doing so they can reap the rewards of using them.
Although instincts are a big part of using crystals productively for healing, learning techniques and the ways of the shamans can really fast track ability to create the results we want.

We believe that the best way to learn is through play, it is fun, light-hearted and you will retain the information better.  So we have put together a fun day for you to spend time with children and connect to your adult youthful vibrancy to make magic with crystals!!!

We will be performing facials, head massages, playing with dowsers, learning techniques on how to deal with common ailments and teaching you tricks that your pets will love …… You will have hours of fun playing with energy and your animals… they love it.

So if you have a child over the age of 12 who loves crystals we would love you to join us. If not and you just want to connect to your inner child by playing with crystals, I can assure you  that you will love the day… meeting new likeminded people and listening to the innocent wisdom that children can teach us.

See you on the 16th December… Crystals will be provided, just bring you and your inner child.

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