4 February 2019 ws a New Moon … I love the new moon it brings a new phase to awareness .. the last moon placed awareness on security, which for many of meant financial security. Mandalas were set to help us work on lack and how to create abundance.

I personally feel that I have really integrated new thought patterns regarding abundance but am sure I may still have much to learn. This February new moon brings in awareness relating to how well you have integrated freedom and adventure into your life.

Start by placing awareness on whether you feel you ALLOW yourself to have the freedom you want and the adventures you seek in your life and if not use crystals to help effect change … remember to use kyanite to comb away any low vibrations that may be preventing you from having freedom of time, love, pleasure, expression, adventure, … I am sure that you get my drift … create a mandala and as you shift so does the collective field …. …. happy new Moon everyone┬á💕💕😘😘😘😘

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